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Steve Dembinski - 1967 Nova

"The purpose of most car enthusiasts that inquire is to have a practical performance street driven car that sees more road and show time than track time. I as much as the next guy loves a great piece of eye candy that can out perform the new super cars of today but the bottom line is that most people can’t afford such a build and/or it is overkill for their particular situation. It would be like Grandma buying a Ferrari to go grocery shopping. So after a long design and thought process it was apparent that I should try to meet the majority demand of those who inquire. Car builds can get expensive and carried away so I set out to minimize build cost by lessening the amount of hardcore fabrication (which simply is time multiplied by hourly rate) and focused on attention to detail while using aftermarket bolt-on parts in lieu of over the top fabricated ones. The Nova's purpose is to show the consumer all the aftermarket products available that are truly bolt-on parts while still maintaining a budget on the overall project . Our personal goal was to have one of the countries nicest bolt-together cars and show the potential of what such a car could look like.

Chris Alston Chassisworks' “BOLT-IN” front kit proved to be one easy install. The kit is complete with frame, inner fenders, Upper and Lower Control arms, Rack & Pinion and Misc. Mounts / Hardware necessary for install. Everything was pre-engineered for a direct Bolt-In and was installed within a few hours. It’s one of the most complete systems on the market and offers several different options in regards to control arms, steering, brakes etc. Using a company that offers more options opens the door for future upgrades."


Steve Dembinski




  • Engine: 454 Iron Block (7.4L) from GM Performance Parts
  • Heads: Aluminum oval port; 110cc chambers, 2.25" intake, 1.88" exhaust
  • Compression: 9.6:1
  • Camshaft: Custom Hydraulic Roller; Intake .510"/211°, Exhaust .540"/230°
  • Headers: Chris Alston Chassisworks; 2-1/8”, Black Ceramic Coated
  • Estimated Output: 440 hp @ 5250 rpm, 500 ft/lbs @ 3450 rpm
  • Transmission: TH400





  • Intro Wheels
    • Front 18x8", 4.5" backspacing - 215/40-18
      Rear 19x11", 4.5" backspacing - 285/35-19


Product Info:


Bolt-On Front Frame Clips Chevy II Inner Fender Panels and Hinge/Fender Mounts
Bolt-On Front Frame Clips '62-67 Nova (Chevy II)

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