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Money-Saving Street Rod Packages

Chassisworks' family of brands introduces new money-saving product packages for the Pro-Touring, Drag Race, Street Rod, and Sport Truck markets. System packages, designed to work together as a complete solution, are available for bolt-in suspensions and clips, complete custom-fit frames, weld-in front and rear clips and suspensions, chassis stiffening systems, and engine and transmission mount kits. Various upgrade options are available to expand upon our low-priced base packages, allowing custom tailored performance, competitively priced to fit your project and budget. Build custom configurations over the telephone or online using the simple option selector feature in the Chassisworks E-Store.

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4-Link Rear Suspension

Pro Street 4-link suspension packages feature urethane bushing link ends with 3 x 2”-boxed crossmember for use in full-frame stock passenger cars and trucks. Package options include: suspension links and mounting brackets, front crossmember (if applicable), lateral locater, upper shock crossmember, shocks, springs, and lower shock mounts.

4-Link Rear Frame Clips

Chassisworks' 4-link rear frame features smooth, mandrel-bent rails in 3 x 2" rectangular or 1-5/8" round tubing. Tightly bent forward crossmembers move the rails closer together, enabling use of larger tires on even the smallest bodies. Packages include: boxed or round frame rails and forward frame connectors; dropped forward crossmember with drive shaft loop; upper-shock crossmember; rear frame crossmember; shocks and springs; ladders bars; and lateral locating device.

Canted 4-Bar Rear Frame Clip Systems

A versatile high-performance solution, suitable for any project in need of optimized handling. Highly adjustable suspension geometry to match performance requirements of your vehicle. Billet-aluminum or tubular-steel upper and lower suspension links, factory-welded FAB9™ housing, ball-end anti-roll bar, with coil-over or air-spring shocks.

Custom-Fit Engine and Transmission Mount Crossmembers

Chassisworks offers a wide range of engine and transmission installation accessories for custom-fit applications.

Complete Custom-Fit Frame Systems

Complete factory-welded frames and unassembled frame kits are available from Chassisworks for nearly any Street, Pro Touring, Pro Street, or Drag Race project. Street and Pro Touring frames are 4x2" and feature Chassisworks g-Machine™ double A-arm front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, and your choice of ladder bar, parallel or canted 4-link rear suspension. Pro Street and Drag Race frames are available in 3x2 rectangular tube and 1-5/8” round tube (drag race only). These frames will fit many popular vehicles with ladder bar or 4-Link rear suspension and A-arm or Strut front suspension.

Custom-Fit Triangulated

The universal triangulated 4-link enables you to install a high-travel rear suspension using a minimum of components and custom fabrication. The angled upper links provide lateral support for the rearend housing, eliminating the need for an additional panhard bar or watts link system. Actual link-bars finish color is textured-black powder coat.

Custom-Fit Parallel 4-Link System

A high-travel rear suspension with maximum exhaust- and air-system clearance and minimal custom fabrication. The 4-link and panhard bar include a polyurethane bushing at one end and adjustable length end to adjust pinion angle and center the rearend housing in relation to the vehicle. Ships with black powder coated links and bare steel brackets.

Rear Shock and Mount Package

Weld-in systems converts any vehicle's rear suspension to coil-over or air-spring shocks with custom-fit upper crossmember and adjustable height lower mounts.

Custom-Fit Transmission Tunnel Components

Save some time and effort by choosing from Chassisworks custom-fit transmission tunnel components, including driveshaft loops and preformed sheet metal.

Street Rod A-Arm Crossmembers and Clips

The 4x2" g-Machine crossmember and clips can be install in any type of existing frame and are manufactured in fifteen different widths to correctly match your vehicles hub width.

gStreet Tubular A-Arms with Coil-Overs $1689-up


gStreet systems are available with single- or double-adjustable, billet-aluminum VariShock coil-over or air-spring shocks. Fits GM A-, F-, G-, and X-Bodies and, Chevy Full-Size.

CDS Supercharger Belt- and Gear-Drive Systems

Component Drive Systems offers multiple styles of gear and belt drive systems for popular engine and supercharger combinations.

Bolt-In Shocks

VariShock's affordable and versatile, high-end performance improvement for OEM shocks. Varishock Bolt-Ins bring a more usable adjustment range and response curve, improved heat dissipation, and lightweight billet-aluminum construction.

Coil-Over Shocks

A proven and extremely versatile modular design, VariShock coil-overs are the perfect complement for your Street Rod, Drag Race, or Pro-Touring project.

Ask about special double-adjustable upgrade pricing!

Air-Spring Shocks

VariShock's unique product line that combines adjustable-valve shocks with air-bag springs to enable suspension performance tuning with the flexibility of adjustable ride height, when combined with a compressor and control system.

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