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CNC mandrel tube benderAll Chassisworks bent-tube products are made on one of three computer-controlled, mandrel tube benders. These machines utilize the latest technology in pressure die boost and assist, which pushes more material into the outer radius of the bend to greatly minimize tube thinning. Our mandrel-bent rails are the finest in the industry because of these machines and the specially designed tooling that we have developed. (I pioneered mandrel-bent frame rails for drag racing, and have a huge investment in their successful production.)
CNC tube bender To further ensure the quality of the finished goods, our CNC bender is programmed directly from the CAD drawing. This bender is so sophisticated that programming is almost obsolete. We simply call up a drawing from our CAD software, and insert the correct length of tubing; the bender takes it from there. This allows us to make custom cages with just a few measurements from you. The software then calculates all bends and degrees to produce exactly what your custom application needs. Technology is certainly not wasted in our facility.
CNC laser cutterChassisworks recently added computer laser cutting to its list of high-technology operations. This new-technology, hybrid-style laser cuts accurately enough to produce quality bolt holes, unlike prior-generation machines. The laser cutter takes its drawings directly from our software and positions them on the raw sheet to utilize 95 percent of the raw material. Moreover, our vacuum loader enables this machine to be loaded and unloaded with minimal down time. Again, we pride ourselves on providing Chassisworks customers with the highest-quality parts at the lowest-possible prices.

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