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Chassisworks Shop Tour Video by

Chad Reynolds from recently spent some time with us at our Sacramento, CA manufacturing facility for an in depth look Chassisworks day-to-day operations. Over two hours of footage was shot, so the tour is broken into three parts.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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Computer Aided Drafting/Modeling WorkstationsLet’s start with designing a product. Chassisworks has five complete engineering workstations. In 1997, we upgraded our engineering and design department to Pro Engineer. This is the same workstation-based software used by the aircraft industry and Big Three automakers. It enables us to create three-dimensional, digital assemblies of a complete product in its environment. Then, we can “fly through” the model to verify its form, fit and function. Our investment in computer-aided design goes far beyond what is commonly referred to as “CAD.”

What does this mean for Chassisworks customers? It means we can design a product, model it, and check all structural aspects of size, fit and usability — before we cut even one piece of material. This software enables Chassisworks to bring you a more effectively designed product, with proven performance, both quicker and cheaper than ever before. Of course, each new product will still be rigorously tested in the “real world”. However, by that point, its performance is virtually guaranteed. With these sophisticated engineering work-stations, we not only design a product that kicks butt; we can calculate the force behind it! There’s no other way to absolutely assure consistent quality and parts performance.

Shock DynoThe new Varishock product line is our latest development project. In order to make and test the shocks we purchased  a Shock Dyno. It allows us to test each unit after assembly, calibrate the damping, and verify consist performance. Once again Chassisworks has made the investment to provide a quality product and to measure it's performance. It is fully computerized, maps the entire performance curve and plots charts of the measurements. It is not enough to build a quality part you must also be able to test and validate it after it is made.
Chassisworks Sales StaffHigher technology doesn’t stop with manufacturing, either. Computerized order entry allows us to enter and track your order quickly. The status of any order is only a few keystrokes away. We use a fully integrated computer system that controls all aspects of our business, from accounting and order entry to manufacturing and shipping. This super-sophisticated system greatly reduces errors while simultaneously streamlining operations. Our customer service is second to none. We have made a significant addition to our Customer Service with the upgrade of our Business software.

The launch of this new website is another part of our customer service commitment. The roll out of the Electronic Store now allows you to shop and make orders at any time of day, while seeing current specs and pricing.

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