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Bolt-On Watts Links for 10- and 12-Bolt Housings

KP Component's bolt-on watts link assembly keeps the rear-end housing centered in relation to the chassis on your 1963-2006 1/2 ton Chevy/GMC full-size truck with a 10- or 12-bolt rearend. As the rear suspension moves vertically the central pivot rotates slightly to follow the two arcs defined by the link assemblies. This pivoting action splits the difference between the two arcs allowing the housing to travel in a perfectly straight line, keeping the rearend housing perfectly centered throught the entire range of travel. The Watts link kit works with existing KP Components 4-link and cantilever systems, and with most other aftermarket parallel-4-link kits on the market. KP also provides different mounting style brackets to work with stock frames, bolt-in C-notches, and weld-in step notch kits. A complete watts link system will set you back $369 and comes with everything you need for installation.


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